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Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane Kulick CookiesWe’re the Kulick’s!

Between running errands, creating music, catching up on the Las Vegas news, and a thousand other items on our to-do list, each day can always feel a bit hectic for us. Enjoying a cookie break is a great way for us to break up all the chaos throughout the day!

Bruce always starts his day off by feeding our 3 Betta fish before moving on to his daily chore list. Right at the top of that list every morning is doing last night’s dishes as we aren’t fans of loud dishwashers. These days, those dishes often include several pots and pans from all of our cookie baking.

While Bruce tends to his chores, Lisa enjoys going through all of the creative ideas she has laid out in her well-organized daily planner.

Though we’ve taken on a new passion for cooking, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our love for music. Our extensive collection includes vinyl, CDs, and the latest streaming services to ensure we have access to anything we’re in the mood for. Most mornings, we rely on the sounds of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to give us an extra push of morning motivation. This may surprise those who know Bruce as a professional rock guitarist, but nothing quite brings joy and passion to the start of our day like the great American standards.

Bruce still travels for Grand Funk as well as several other music projects to make sure he’s always keeping his musical talents refined and fresh. When he’s not touring, Bruce uses our home office as a man cave that allows him to watch Lisa work on her artwork, “LVGCreationsArt,” on the granite island in our kitchen.

Music will forever be our first love and nothing makes us happier than working on it together. Lisa’s vocals are exceptional at covering 80’s KISS songs, even though Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney are her favorites. While Lisa sings, Bruce enjoys backing her on guitar and arranging productions. Watching an idea evolve into something we never pictured at the start is something we’ll never tire of!

WHY we started Kulick’s Cookie Recipes

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began, it seemed as if our social life came to a screeching halt. We could no longer go out to our top spots around town and that largely included our favorite restaurants. Since eating out was no longer an option, we turned our attention to improving our own cooking and baking talents.

Making well-balanced and delicious meals was a top priority for us at this time but we knew we couldn’t forget to treat ourselves as well! The same old store-bought snacks had begun to lose their luster so we put our minds together to come up with something we could make for ourselves that offered a lot of flavor variety. It wasn’t long until we realized that cookies were precisely what we were looking for.

We started with some classics like chocolate chip and very soon realized just how much fun it was to bake them. That’s why we branched out and started coming up with our own recipes for all sorts of delicious cookie variations. We’re so proud of what we’ve managed to create that we knew we had to share it with those we care about and that most certainly includes all of you! This website will provide you with all the information you need to start crafting culinary cookie creations of your very own. Make sure to try a few different ones out because you may end up finding a new favorite!

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