How a Cookie Exchange Works

One of the best ways to get your fill of Christmas cookies is by hosting a cookie exchange. Also known as cookie swaps, cookie exchanges allow friends and family to try a whole assortment of cookies without having to bake dozens of different kinds themselves.

So how does a cookie exchange work?

Each attendee brings a set amount of cookies (usually one dozen multiplied by the number of people attending) that they’ve made themselves. These can be anything from standard chocolate chip cookies to fancy holiday specialties. However, since the point of the party is to have a wide variety, the more original your cookie is, the better.

Once everyone has arrived and laid out their baked goods, guests can then select whichever cookies are most appealing to them and create their own assortment to take home. People will also exchange recipes in addition to the cookies themselves so their friends and family can make the cookies on their own any time they want!

That’s the general overview of how a cookie exchange works. If you’re thinking of throwing your own, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Send invitations at least a month in advance. This will give your guests ample time to choose their recipes and bake their cookies.
  • Let your guests know how many cookies they should make. You want to ensure that there are enough to go around.
  • Offer food and drinks in addition to the cookies.
  • Provide cookie bags or boxes, or let guests know if they should bring their own.
  • Decorate and incorporate a theme.
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