Cookie vs. Cracker: What’s the Difference?

Though they’re usually both small, round baked goods, there are a few notable differences between cookies and crackers, with the biggest ones being their texture and taste.


Crackers are generally thin, crispy, and flaky. This is because crackers are often, though not always, made by layering the dough, which gives them an airy and crunchy texture. Additionally, many crackers will have holes poked in them to prevent air bubbles from forming, so they keep their flat shape.

Cookies, even firm ones, are usually much softer and chewier than their cracker counterparts. They tend to lean more toward a crumbly texture, rather than the crispy one found in crackers.


The largest difference between cookies and crackers is their respective flavor profiles. While some crackers can be sweet to a degree, such as graham crackers, they are most often considered to be a salty and savory snack. Cookies, on the other hand, generally have a sweet taste to them due to the amount of sugar used in baking them.

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