About Bruce Kulick

Hi! I am Bruce Kulick, “lead guitar”! Many of you may know me from a very famous rock band called KISS, but there is much more I’d like to tell you about me.

I was born in Brooklyn NY, and from a very young age, music was a true passion of mine. My parents played music on their stereo console, and I was exposed to a variety of music from the 40’s and 50’s including Movie and Broadway soundtracks. In 1964, my world completely changed when The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. I was jumping up and down singing “Yeah Yeah Yeah” along with this fantastic new style of rock n’ roll. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become a musician.

Bruce Kulick

Guitar playing came easy to me. I realized I had a good ear for music and began taking lessons at a local record shop called Mel’s. This helped me advance quickly, and The British Invasion was a huge influence on me. I soon became popular playing guitar for my friends. When my family moved to Queens in 1966, I began playing with local bands, performing at social events and playing high school dances. After graduating from High School, I majored at music at Queens College. In 1975 I started to professionally perform and travel the world. It was the Disco era, and I was asked to work with George McCrae (“Rock Your Baby) and Andrea True Connection (“More, More, More”).

My dream of playing rock guitar, was finally fulfilled, when I started touring with Meat Loaf, in support of the hugely popular “Bat Out of Hell” record in 1977-78. I even appeared on Saturday Night Live! After that, I started a rock band with singer songwriter, Michael Bolton. The band was called Blackjack, recording two albums on Polydor. More recently our songs have been sampled by mega Rap stars, Kayne West and Jay-Z.

The big break of my guitar career began in 1984, when I was asked to join KISS as their new lead guitarist. For 12 years, I created music for multiple gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums and received awards from various video releases from the band. I was touring the world once again, but this time with KISS, so my exposure was on a grand scale. It’s something that still touches my life every day.

In 1996 when KISS put the their makeup back on, it was time for me to move on and playing guitar never stopped. I continued recording with many artists, as well as completing 3 solo LP’s. In 1999, another famous rock band asked me to join. For the past 22 years Grand Funk Railroad have been my main gig.

When I’m not on the road, I look forward to spending time in my beautiful home in Las Vegas. I love to spin lots of vintage vinyl records, while engaging with my fans on social media. My collection of depression glass (cobalt blue is my fave) is quite impressive! I always make some time for watching Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek as well as other new series in that genre.

The internet gives me to opportunity to do online virtual work, including Cameo shout outs, and guitar lessons too. There’s so many opportunities for me to explore and expand upon with my career.

You can see all things “Kulick” at my website: https://www.brucekulick.com