Recipe and Photo Use Policies

We developed all of the recipes on solely for this blog and no other websites. Creating a variety of different cookies to share with our friends and family has been a real labor of love: We’ve poured hours into our recipes, testing out different ingredients and cooking methods to create the best cookie dough. Once we’re done creating a new recipe, we get professional photos and videos taken, which takes even more time, especially when you factor in editing time. Due to this, if you want to share our recipes, please follow the guidelines we’ve provided here.

Roundup Posts

We would love to be included by bloggers looking to put together a roundup post. Bloggers may use one photo for their post as long as you include a link to We would also like to be notified when the roundup is published so we can share it with our readers here and on any other social media platforms. However, while we don’t mind photos being used for these posts, we’d prefer that you not copy the list of ingredients or instructions for our recipes on your blog.

Legal Guidelines

We would love it if you want to share (not steal) our recipes with your readers. “Share” does not mean you are allowed to copy and paste our work as you see fit. We don’t allow anyone to steal either a portion or our entire recipe for their own website or social media platforms, nor do we allow people to crop off or conceal our watermarks on the photos or add their own text to our photos. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

We’d love for you to post a photo of one of our cookie recipes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform as long as you include a direct link to our recipe. Please do not post the list of ingredients or cooking instructions on these platforms, either on your own page, on a business or organization page, or in any social media group.

Re-Creating Our Recipes

If you want to re-create one of our recipes to share on your blog or on another platform, that’s fine as long as you follow these rules:

  1. You may list the ingredients as we’ve written them.
  2. The recipe directions should be rewritten in your own words. After all, since it will be listed on your blog, your readers will want it to read from your perspective, not ours. Don’t plagiarize our content.
  3. Your post must also link to our recipe so Google knows where the original recipe came from.
  4. Use your own photographs, not ours.

You cannot legally copy and paste our cookie recipes onto your blog or social media account. This violates copyright laws as well as the terms and conditions of social media platforms.